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Take Your Business to
the Next Level

Creating decision advantage through all source research and analysis. Our areas of expertise include geopolitics, security risk management, supply chain risk management, operations support, counter espionage investigations support, insider threat, counterintelligence, counter human trafficking, and more.

Adding Value

We support private corporations, security firms, and individuals operating in the United States and abroad. Actionable information is the cornerstone of decision making at the strategic, operational, or tactical levels whether a CEO of Fortune 500 company, an Operations Officer for a security firm, or a Marketing Executive for a mid-sized technology firm.


Information is knowledge. Knowledge is power.

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Custom Intelligence Reporting

We work with you to determine your information needs and will create a weekly, monthly, or quarterly report to address your concerns and interests.

Custom Analysis & Insights

Based on your requirements, we provide intelligence research and analysis to support specific goals or projects on a case by case basis.

Custom Support

Our team will work with you on to determine support for complex and / or enduring intelligence needs.



Join Decision Advantage LLC

We are always looking for partners with experience in intelligence analysis, competitive intelligence, counterintelligence, market analysis, information collection, analytics, technology, AI/ML, among others.

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